Marc Antonio Pritchett has appeared on the small screen in such shows as: The Privateers, JAG, Arrested Development with Jason Bateman, and The West Wing with Martin Sheen. On the big screen, some of his appearances include: The Onion Movie, The Bacchae, Soldier of God, and Frost Portrait of a Vampire with Gary Busey.

On the stage Marc toured with the Georgia Shakespeare Festival’s production of Much Ado About Nothing and with Georgia Mountain Theatre’s productions of Hamlet and Pygmalion. He worked on several productions at Company of Angels, most notably performing in Flirting With Morty and directing A Midsummer Nights Dream. Notable Theatre of NOTE appearances include “Cucurucu” in Marat Sade and “Richmond” in Richard III. He starred in the Sacramento Theatre’s production of Othello.

Voice-Over credits include Indiana Jones 4, Avatar and two roles in the french anime series Last Man. There is no doubt that his training, versatility and work ethic make him an asset to any production.

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(Flirting With Morty-Company of Angels)


“Marc Antonio Pritchett steals the show with a wise, realistic and almost spiritual portrayal of Ben… The veteran actor carries the play on his more-than-capable shoulders… Pritchett’s stage presence and mastery prove to be a boost to his magical performance… This critic hopes to see the Shakespearean actor (“Othello,” “Richard III”) on the stages of North Hollywood and Los Angeles again soon.”
Radomir Luza – At The Theatre With Radomir

“Marc juggled various personalities with a calm ease and hit those drums for the birds.”
Dorian Martin – Hollywood Fringe 2019

“The show was tight; the actors all brought their A-game – Marc Antonio Pritchett and Brenda Varda were particular standouts.”
Anonymous – Hollywood Fringe 2019

“Epops (Marc Antonio Pritchett), a man-turned-bird, takes them under his wing and introduces them to his feathered friends …what this play lacks in logic, it makes up for in sheer ridiculousness …seriously funny…”
Taylor Kass – Stage Raw

“Shakespeare’s great tragedy “Othello” has it all, and the Sacramento Theater Company’s sparkling new production, under director Peggy Shannon serves it well, from the magnificent set designed by Marion Williams, to the powerful performances delivered by the members of the cast…. Pritchett is subdued in the first act. His love of Desdemona is obvious, though gentle, without any foreshadowing of the rage he will develop in Act 2 at the suspicion that his wife has been dallying with another man. He comes into his own in Act 2, fulfilling the promise of passions only hinted at in Act 1. He displays genuine anguish at the thought of his wife’s unfaithfulness, and deep remorse following her murder. Pritchett has flashes of smoldering intensity. Marc Antonio Pritchett also choreographed the fight scenes… This is a very accessible Othello which will keep one enthralled from start to finish”
Bev Sykes – The Davis Enterprise

“Spotlight Marc Antonio Pritchett: LA chorus member in Opera Pacific’s The Italian Girl in Algiers by Rossini and currently living in Studio City, Marc Antonio Pritchett is also an accomplished actor, fight coordinator (stage combat and stunt fighting), music composer and keyboard player in the rock band Velvet Chain. Born in Washington, D.C. he learned to play the recorder when most kids were playing dodge ball, then graduated to the clarinet and eventually the piano. The versatile Pritchett was once advised by an acting teacher in Georgia to pursue a career in LA. According to her, it was the only profession where all his abilities would come together to maximum success. A talented actor was one thing, but a talented actor who could sing, play an assortment of instruments, and who was proficient in martial arts & fencing was invaluable. Watch out LA! Marc Antonio is here!”
Don Grigware – Metro LA Magazine


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