Production sound is one of the most overlooked aspects of film making, yet look at any independent film that rises to the top and chances are that one of the things that sets it apart from its peers is its sound quality. The visual elements of a film tell the story. The immersive qualities of sound make you feel like a part of the story. Sound, much like smell, taste and touch, can bypass our conscious mind and play directly on our subconscious. Psycho-acoustics are used all the time for dramatic effect. From the thunderous footsteps of a T-Rex, to the chalkboard-like screech of an alien horror, or to the relaxing ambiance of a woodland stream, sound is used to play on our emotions and immerse us into the world of the film. Likewise, bad audio constantly pulls us out of the story and never lets us forget that we are watching a film.

Sound quality is no less important in the music and voice-over industry. With the increase in home studios and their capabilities, there has never been a better time to be a self-published artist. However, with the huge surge in content has come a huge dip in production quality. Proper tracking, mixing and mastering are essential if you want your production to stand out in the overcrowded field of content we live in today.

A true multi-creative, Marc Antonio Pritchett has expertise and experience in many facets of the entertainment industry. This sets him apart from most, if not all, of his peers in the world of studio engineering. In film, the post sound engineer is the last stop before production audio goes to print. This is where Marc’s experience really comes into play as he is the perfect sounding board for the director and production staff during this period of fine-tuning. He understands dramatic function, how best to use action to heighten storytelling, and how music is used to deepen a narrative because that is what he has done professionally for decades. In musical productions, it is his composition and arranging experience that comes into play. Understanding the musical function of the various elements of a mix and identifying where those elements are fighting over the same acoustic real estate is vital. The goal in both cinematic and musical productions is to blend the ‘parts’ into the most beautiful ‘whole’ possible. That starts with a thorough understanding of the parts you are working with and knowing how those parts can be used to amplify each other. This is a universal truth that Marc employs in all of his professional endeavors.

Simply put, when you pair Marc’s unique background with his vast knowledge of psycho acoustics, studio engineering and sound editing it makes him the perfect choice to diagnose and solve whatever problems ail your production audio.